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Donald Sidney-Fryer Donald Sidney-Fryer

Donald Sidney-Fryer was born in 1934 in Massachusetts. He lives in California.

Specializing in mediaeval romance and epic poem, Donald Sidney-Fryer has steeped himself in these poetic genres not only at source in the 12th and 13 centuries but also in their passage down the centuries to their revival by the California Romantics and others at the beginning of the 20th century.

Donald Sidney-Fryer is the last in this great line of poets and writers that reaches from Ambrose Bierce to George Sterling and Nora May French, from Sterling to his protégé Clark Ashton Smith, and from Smith to his pupil Sidney-Fryer. Carrying on the tradition of "pure poetry" of Keats and Shelley long after it was abandoned by the mainstream poetry establishment, the California Romantics created two monuments in verse in Sterling's epic A Wine of Wizardry and Smith’s even more astonishing The Hashish-Eater.

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