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Frequently asked questions

What is Silver Key Press?

Silver Key Press is the anglophone imprint of the French non-profit small press La Clef d'Argent, created in 1987 by Philippe Gindre and Philippe Dougnier. The name La Clef d'Argent is an explicit homage to the American writer H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937), referring to the short-story «The Silver Key» he wrote in 1926.
La Clef d'Argent specializes in weird fiction, fantastique, fantasy and science fiction, publishing contemporary French stories (Jonas Lenn, Roland Fuentes) and essays (William Schnabel, Lionel Dupuy), classic English-language stories in French translation (C.A. Smith, G.S. Viereck) and long-forgotten stories from French masters of the genre (Gabriel Bertin, Charles de Coynart, Théo Varlet, Gabriel de Lautrec).

Over the years La Clef d'Argent has maintained a close relationship with many English-speaking scholars in the field (S.T. Joshi, Donald Sidney-Fryer, Scott Connors, Ron Hilger). Consequently, La Clef d'Argent now publishes stories and essays in English under the imprint of Silver Key Press. Please note that Silver Key Press and La Clef d'Argent are in no ways distinct entities. Considering the slight unusualness of the name La Clef d'Argent in English, it was simply thought more convenient to use its English counterpart when dealing with English-speaking readers.

La Clef d'Argent is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit society as defined by the French law of 1901. It was created on May 6 1987 as recorded in the Official Journal of the French Republic, and registered by the Subprefecture of Dole on April 10 1987.

Postal adress: La Clef d'Argent, 9 rue du Stade, 39110 Aiglepierre, France.

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We don't use Euros in my country: can I use your shopping cart anyway?
The secure online payment system we use, PayPal, allows you to send us the equivalent of the amount requested, even if your own currency is not Euro. You can send money with PayPal from more than 100 countries and regions. It is free for you as a buyer, and allows you to shop without sharing financial information. For more information about PayPal, please visit their website.
When I use your shopping cart it says "La Clef d'Argent" instead of "Silver Key Press"? Am I really ordering a book in English?
Absolutely. Our PayPal account is a Business Verified Account. It displays the French name of our small press because this is the way it has been legally registered. We apologize for this inconvenience, but there is nothing we can do about it. Please note that any other instruction or information will be given to you in English.

I write speculative fiction. How can I send you a manuscript?

Sorry, we are currently engaged in many projects and we won't be seeking new manuscripts for the time being.
I am a bookseller. Do you offer any specific discount for booksellers?
Absolutely. We offer a 35% discount + no shipping fees for booksellers all over the world (parcels sent at Economy rate, which may imply surface mail for overseas orders, parcels being sent from France).

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