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Patrick Mallet

Born in Switzerland in 1970, Patrick Mallet has been living in Paris since 1991. Graduated from the Ecole Superieure des Arts Graphiques, he worked as a graphic designer before specializing in books for young people as an illustrator. In the meantime, he has published several comic books in France for a more mature readership. His trilogy Les Plombs de Venise, published by Glénat and adapted from the memoirs of Giovanni Casanova, brought his unmistakable style to the attention of a larger readership. Patrick Mallet seems to be willing to specialize himself in adapting famous or forgotten literary classics. After his wonderful Vathek, after William Beckford, Patrick Mallet is now working a new series, Achab, in which he tells the unknown youth of the famous captain. Meanwhile, he als published Smarra, after a short-story by the French Romantic writer Charles Nodier.

For Silver Key Press, Patrick Mallet illustrated the cover of :
The Sorcerer Departs - Donald Sidney-Fryer

The Sorcerer Departs

(Donald Sidney-Fryer)
Patrick Mallet at other publishers :
J'ai pas sommeil - Patrick Mallet

J'ai pas sommeil!
(La Joie de Lire, 2002)

Les Plombs de Venise 1 - Patrick Mallet

Les Plombs de Venise 1

(Milan, 2004)
Les Plombs de Venise 2 - Patrick Mallet

Les Plombs de Venise 2

(Milan, 2005)
Les Plombs de Venise 3 - Patrick Mallet

Les Plombs de Venise 3

(Milan, 2005)
Vathek - Patrick Mallet


(Glénat, 2006)
Achab 1 Nantucket - Patrick Mallet

Achab 1
(Glénat, 2007)

Achab 2 Premieres campagnes - Patrick Mallet

Achab 2

(Glénat, 2009)
Smarra - Patrick Mallet


(Glénat, 2009)

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